Aikido Documentary: Philippe Gouttard in Tokyo (w/ subtitles)


Click on CC to display subtitles in English.

Documentary and interview with Philippe Gouttard, 6th Dan Aikikai.

--- CREDITS ---
Written and directed by Guillaume Erard

Music by Guillaume Erard (available on iTunes

Footage of Yamaguchi Sensei in Paris by Aikido Journal:

Footage of Ueshiba Kisshomaru - Living With Nature Aikido (DVD)
Footage of Kanazawa Takeshi Shihan - 11th IAF International Aikido Seminar
Footage of Sugawara Shigeru Shihan - 11th IAF International Aikido Seminar

Photos of Philippe Gouttard at the Aikikai and with Doshu by Cyril Lagrasta:

---- SUBTITLES ----
Many thanks to the following people for their help with subtitles:
German: Anna Jacobsen
Spanish: Gabriel Weiszman
Vietnamese: Minh Pham

If you feel you want to contribute to translating these subtitles in your own language, please write to me in the comments below!

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